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May Pre-Sale & Final Payment

May Pre-Sale:

5.11 release, 5.18 pre-sale——Exclusive First Love, Falling
5.19 release, 5.25 pre-sale——Restricted Zone
5.26 release, 6.1 pre-sale——Survivorship Bias


Detail Release dates might be pushed forward or back 1-2 days, but the Pre-Sale dates are firm.


Final Payment:

The final payment for the following books will be available from 2024.05.15 to 2024.06.01.

Regardless of when you make the final payment, as long as your deposit was made during the special signatures period, you will be eligible for the signatures.
For safety reasons, please refrain from posting this content on any platform. Kindly cooperate with us discreetly.


Your Turn
Dark Fire
The Zen Rebrith of a Stand-In
Please Stay in Character
They Chased After Me
Back to When It All Started
Solar Rain
I Cried and I Faked It
Code of Mercy

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