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Every book is wonderful!

Every book is wonderful!

Every work is distinctive! why not bring THEM to life?

Publish your books in just a few simple steps!

2: Get approved

Congrats! Your work has been approved and ready to be published!

3: Starting Publishing Process

You will have your personal editor guiding you through out the process. Our experienced editor will help you with proofreading, editing, illustration/freebies/e-book designing, and marketing! Anything you need, just ask!

4. Published!

When everything is settled, your book will be open to pre-sale. It is usually expected to be shipped within 5 months!

One on One Editor

Answer all your questions.

Design based onyour work

Satisfy all your request.


We will promote your books.

Send us email if you have any questions.



1. Do you accept English book?

We accept English!

2. What kind of books do you prefer?

We are only publish romantic fictions (BL/GL/BG/MM ROMANTIC)。

3. Do I need pay you money to be published?

No, we will pay you royalty instead.

Have more questions?

Why us?

1. We offer high quality of printing, including special cover finishing, bounding and other special request.

2. We also design freebies(postcard, stickers, pins etc.) base on your work as a gift for readers.

3. You, as author, are more than welcome to join our production process, from editing to designing. We value and respect our authors' opinion. We will keep you updated with the progress all the time.

4. We are specialized on specific kind of fiction (MM Romance, BL, GL, BG).

Submit your form to publishing your book today!