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Title Author License
To Rule in a Turbulent World Gu Xuerou Ebook & Paperback
Sha Lu Xiu Fox Paperback
Silent Hearts Jing shuibian Paperback
The Missing Piece Kun Yi Wei Lou
Ebook & Paperback
Limerence Jiang Zi Bei Paperback
Rose and Renaissance Zhi Chu Paperback
Dawning ICE Paperback
Lip and Sword Jin Shisi Chai
Ebook & Paperback
Soul Vibration Dr.solo
Ebook & Paperback
Falling Yu Cheng Paperback
Salad Days Jing Shui Bian Ebook & Paperback
Feng Zi Xiao Yao zi Paperback


The progress of other EN books can be learned through the link:

Via Lactea Book Progress